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In Episode 008 of Bike Tour Adventures, I had the chance to talk with Marielle Jauring, a Swedish cyclist, snowboarder and surfer that goes on short b...View Details

In Episode 007 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Ben, an 18 year old that is cycling from the UK to Australia during a gap year. He talks about his...View Details

En el episodio 006 de Bike Tour Adventures, entrevisto a Felipe y conozco cómo conoció a una niña iraní a través del sitio web de Warmshowers, decidió...View Details

در اپیزود ۶ پادکست، من با مریم درباره سفرش با دوچرخه به جنوب شرق آسیا صحبت کردم. مریم برای ما از برنامه ریزی سفر، مشکلات ویزای ویتنام و سخت گیری های و...View Details

In this Episode 006 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to interview a Mexican and Iranian couple that met through the Warmshowers website, w...View Details

In Episode 005 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the opportunity to meet and interview Matthew Galat, a lifestyle and touring YouTube Vlogger. Matt shar...View Details

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