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In Episode 12 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Sam Rice, who goes from nearly becoming an alcoholic to discovering spirituality and himself in the...View Details

In Episode 11 of Bike Tour Adventures, Davide shares his story of how he flew to Alaska with zero experience and has now cycled Alaska to Patagonia, a...View Details

Last night in a tent, deciding to ride another 115km day to make it all the way home.

We met Misty and Luc at a campground in Lancaster, Ontario. They were doing a short tour from Montreal to Prince Edward County.

Sima's longest day yet, a small crash, knew pain, and both of us getting annoyed with one another.

Short 58km day, long-haired German Shepherd, stating with more family.

VIP escort for 40km, visiting old churches, going to my mother's cousin's farm

beautiful gorge, strong headwind, and reuniting with old/new friends

Leaving Quebec City to start heading back to Ottawa. Lots of downhill, retracing our previous route, and staying with amazing Warmshowers hosts.

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