In Episode 003 of Bike Tour Adventures, two French guys, Pablo and Guillaume, share their story of cycling a tandem bike from Paris to SE Asia, pushing their bike up mountains, and dealing with a broken bike in India.

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Show Notes
~ 30 sec Introduction
~ 1 min Bike tour statistics and a bit about cycling in Iran
~ 4' Doing less to enjoy more: why they don't ride a specific number of km per day
~ 5' Talking about the budget, where they sleep, managing finances
~ 10' Challenges they've had to overcome. Getting a specially made bike. Broken bike in India.
~ 22' How could they afford an 8000 Euro bike
~ 23' 30" Handling such a big bike. Route planning, pushing and pulling.
~ 26' 30" Riding a tandem as two dudes. Together 24 hours a day. Having to discuss every decision.
~ 29' The good things about cycling on a tandem. Stronger together. Getting places to sleep. The ultimate ice-breaker.
~ 33' Travelling with kids.
~ 34' Upcoming plans for Vietnam. Making the decision to end a trip early. Next trip ideas.
~ 39' Pluses and minuses of using a tandem bike.
~ 41' Most unforgettable moment.
~ 44' Best advice someone has given them
~ 46' What advice they would give their 20 year old self
~ 48' Ending the show and preview to the next episode.

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