In episode 004 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Scott Sharick, an American that decided to quit his job and cycle around the world after suffering a stroke. His views on life, love of cycling, and immersion into local cultures will surely keep you entertained.

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Show Notes
~ 30 sec Introduction to the episode
~ 2 min All the statistics about his trip so far
~ 6 min Scott's previous bike trips in the United States
~ 8m45s How having a stroke changed his life and what he learned in the medical field about how people put things off for later.
~ 11 min What was the original bike tour plan?
~ 15 min How it's possible to do a tour and not over-plan every aspect of the tour, and getting used to the bike tour during the early days of the tour.
~ 25 min The story of the $10 bill
~ 30 min Running out of money in not just one country...
~ 35m40s How much money should you take out of an ATM and how to avoid getting too many changes each time.
~ 37 min Illegally entering India and the amazing story of having an armed escort all throughout Bangladesh.
~ 51 min Surviving in countries when ATMs don't accept foreign cards
~ 52m30s How some little kids saved the day in India and what a hotel actually is not in India
~ 54 min Most memorable moment that stands out and what might be his most favourite part of travelling of the beaten path
~ 57 min Dealing with mechanical issues that no mechanic seems to be able to diagnose. How frustrating it can be and how a tiny bike shop in India was able to fix it.
~ 1h9m How all bike tourists seem to go through the same process of shedding excess baggage
~ 1h12m What advice Scott would give to the younger version of himself.

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