In Episode 005 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the opportunity to meet and interview Matthew Galat, a lifestyle and touring YouTube Vlogger. Matt shares his story on how he decided to do a 15-20 year trike tour around the world and shares advice for other bike tourers on cycling in China.

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Show Notes

~ 30 sec      Introduction to the episode
~ 1m30s     The story of Matthew Galat, how the bike tour came to happen, developing the love of travel.
~ 4m45s     Getting hit by a truck in China
~ 7m30s     Beginner's mistake carrying too much gear and how fun it would be to get a bunch of bike tourers in one room and compare kit
~ 9m45s     Re-starting the bike tour --> Ja Yoe 3.0
~ 14 min     How Matt planned his biking route and what he hopes to accomplish through this bike tour.
~ 17m30s    Climbing Mt. Everest, adapting a bike tour to one's needs and desires, and talking about internet Trolls.
~ 21m30s    Who was Matthew Galat before the bike tour, how he supports himself, and why he decided to move to China.
~ 25m30s    Advice to young guys out there. How he had ample opportunities to quit, but used those opportunities to create determination.
~ 28 min     All about his trike, the HP Velotechnik, advantages of riding a recumbent, different trikes he testing before choosing the HP Velotechnik
~ 40 min     Back to riding overweight and advice to cyclists for when they are starting to feel physically worn down when bike touring.
~ 45 min     All about riding in China, why Matt thinks it's safer to ride a bike in Asia than in America, and what you should do in case of emergency.
~ 54 min     What is Ja Yoe Nation???
~ 59 min     Dealing with internet trolls, and how much time it takes to create YouTube content on a daily basis.
~ 1h 1m      What advice Matt would give to a younger version of himself
~ 1h 5m      How to follow Matt's adventures
~ 1h 6m      Next time on Bike Tour Adventures podcast

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