In this Episode 006 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to interview a Mexican and Iranian couple that met through the Warmshowers website, went on a tour together and are now getting married. Tune in to hear their story and to find out why they love cycling in Thailand so much.

Links to Maryam and Felipe's social media can be found by clicking my Episode 006 link below.

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Show Notes

~ 30 sec      Introduction to Episode 006
~ 1m30s     Felipe and Maryam’s story of how the bike tour came about, where they are from, and their previous bike touring experience
~ 6m45s      First time meeting, original plan to ride 5000km from Kuala Lumpur to India, meeting cyclists along the way and changing their tour plan, and why Maryam is not going to Vietnam
~ 10 min      Why they would recommend a SE Asia tour to others, how they communicate with non-English speakers, and a brilliant idea for communicating
~ 14 min      How they budgeted for this trip and a discussion on affordability for other Latinos.
~ 16 min      How far they ride on average, what factors affect the distance they ride on a daily basis, and what they do during the hottest part of the day
~ 19m 30s    Why Thailand is their favourite country to cycle in so far, and the amazing Thai 7/11
~ 22m 45s     What they miss most about their countries is the food
~ 24m 30s     How their lives have changed on this trip and through meeting one another
~ 26m 30s     The most memorable moment thus far on the trip
~ 28 min       The most difficult moment on the trip and all about their problems at the Cambodian border
~ 34 min       What advice they would give to other cyclists and why Buddhism impressed Felipe
~ 37 min       What the future holds in store for them.
~ 40 min       Next week’s episode featuring Ben Hollis

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