In Episode 12 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Sam Rice, who goes from nearly becoming an alcoholic to discovering spirituality and himself in the process, ultimately deciding to do a world bike tour while searching for answers.

Links to Sam's website and social media can be found by clicking my Episode 012 link below.

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Show Notes
~ 30 sec       Intro
~ 2 min        Talking about podcasting and other random stuff
~ 5 min        Who is Sam Rice
~ 9 min        Moving to Australia, developing an alcohol dependency, meeting the right people 
~ 11m30s     Started running, got hooked on biking
~ 14 min      Realizing he loved being on the bike. Freedom was more important than the competition factor
~ 17 min      The story of Growler and how he changed Sam
~ 20 min      Deciding to do a world tour by bike, prepping with a 10 day tour to learn about his bike and needs
~ 25 min      First leg through Malaysia and Thailand was a way of testing his gear and making necessary changes
~ 29 min      Why he wants to spend several months in Nepal and why he has no known plans afterwards
~ 33 min      The bike he is using and why he chose to use it, what set-up he is using and why.
~ 41 min      Discussing spirituality, meeting Sufi Muslim, and not drinking
~ 55 min      Talking about learning, unlearning, what he hopes to gain from the tour and claiming back time
~ 1h 3m       More about the tour and where he is going
~ 1h 10m     Highlights so far, temples in Thailand and people in Cambodia
~ 1h 20m     Currency luggage system and a bit of a talk about bikepacking vs bike touring
~ 1h 24m     Becky coming to meet him and tour and needing to build her up slowly
~ 1h 27m     Best piece of advice he's received or would give
~ 1h 31m     End of episode and introduction to next episode

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