In Episode 018 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to speak with Arthur Desclaux, a wood engineer that built his own bamboo bicycle, has toured the world for the last 2 years, and has loved the people he met throughout the entire journey, including those he met while spending time in a Myanmar prison.

Links to Arthur's social media can be found by clicking my Episode 018 link below.

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Show Notes
~ 30 sec       Intro to episode and Arthur Desclaux
~ 2 min        The making of a bamboo bike, difficulty, cost, problems
~ 8m 30s     The bike route, using Numbeo to make a budget, kitesurfing
~ 14m 30s    The story of Myanmar and going to prison
~ 21 min      Arthur's passion and reason for travel
~ 25m 30s    Cycling in N. America, the Great Divide, a grizzly encounter
~ 36 min       The Baja Divide
~ 41 min       Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment and what's next
~ 44 min       End of episode and next time on Bike Tour Adventures

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