In Episode 22 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to catch up with Pablo Espitia, a young university graduate that has spent the last year cycling the Silk Road from Portugal to China, combining his passions of geography, sustainability and geography with bicycle travel through various cultures. 

Links to Pablo's social media can be found by clicking my Episode 022 link below.


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Show Notes
~ 50 sec       Intro to Episode 22 with Pablo Espitia and why he decided to bike tour
~ 8 min        How he financed the trip, his bike, setup, luggage and more
~ 16m 30s   Cycling through Europe, loving Germany, and Russian reality TV
~ 23 min      Contrast between Eastern and Western Europe
~ 25m 30s   All about Turkey
~ 32m 30s   Georgia and Azerbaijan, getting to Kazakhstan
~ 43m 30s   Central Asia from Aktau to Dushanbe
~ 48 min      The Pamir Highway and the Bartang Valley
~ 59 min      What's next for Pablo?
~ 1h2m20s   In the next episode....Jonas Deichmann

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