In Episode 030 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to talk with Dan Hurd, a Navy Veteran from the United States that is cycling 25,000 miles around the Lower 48 in the USA. Having now been on the road for 2 years and having cycled 15,000 miles, he is well on his way to achieving his goal. Dan’s story is extraordinary but it doesn’t come without a cost. For Dan, cycling was exactly the therapy he needed. Without it, he might not be here with us. He did this “One Pedal At A Time”.

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Show Notes
~ 01m 30s     Intro to Episode and who is Dan Hurd and the story of his first ride
~ 09m 00s     What about being on a bike makes him appreciate life so much more
~ 14m 10s     His bike, route, what he has in his bags, and 3 things he can't live without
~ 20m 33s     What is the OPAAT Movement and what is its goal?
~ 29m 00s     What has been the response and what positive outcomes have their been?
~ 45m 30s     Talking about the actual bike tour
~ 54m 30s     Being hit by cars on 4 occasions, technology, camping and cooking
~ 61m 30s     Most challenging part of past 2 years
~ 69m 40s     How he has grown throughout the tour
~ 74m 30s     Next episode and where to contact me 

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